Non-slip pet bowl

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Material: Silicone + ABS

Leak-free dog bowl non-slip dog food bowl leak-proof cat and dog tray
Food faucet with space cushion
Never slip again
Anti-slip: no tipping
Made of high-quality FDA approved silicone. Non-toxic, non-allergic and safe for all pets!
Non-slip, non-slip, waterproof, durable, flexible, soft and easy to carry and travel anywhere.
Easily clean by rinsing or under the sink, or just wipe the carpet with a damp cloth. It dries quickly and is safe to use in the dishwasher.
The raised outer lip prevents food, water and food from splashing on the clean floor! The large cushion can hold cats and dogs bowls, feeders, drinking fountains, stalls, stations, plates. Never mess around on the floor again. High-quality silicone food mats can withstand high and low temperatures.

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Non-slip pet bowl
Non-slip pet bowl
Non-slip pet bowl
Non-slip pet bowl

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